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What type of ecolo accro are you?



Are you more of a beginner, intermediate, advanced or even pro?

The L'ecolo Accro levels are:

  • Beginner : No change in habits, no maintenance.

  • Intermediate : Slight changes and maintenance required.

  • Advanced : Changes habits moderately and necessary maintenance.

  • Pro : Significant changes in habits and maintenance required.




In our shop, you will find each product identified by an eco-friendly level. Eco-responsible products

may require additional maintenance or significant changes in our lifestyle. This level

therefore reflects the investment involved in integrating this product into your daily life.

Whatever your current level, your knowledge of the subject and your source of motivation, every change in your daily life counts. To fully appreciate our products, gradually integrate them into your life.


These levels will therefore help you become more and more eco-friendly, day after day, one level at a time!

Magasin zéro déchet
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