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Our story

My husband and I have always been worried about the climate change. We started to think about changes we could make in the new year to reduce our ecological footprint. Already minimalist and vegetarian, the idea to create our own cleaning and sanitary products emerged in our mind. 

Nicknamed "Martha Stewart" by my entourage, I started to make my own products. Quickly, my friends and family also wanted their own. So here we are starting our own business of eco-friendly products. 



We think with conviction that our products can help you to become greener. It came to be our mission. Ecological and aesthetic, our range of products will please you and will help you to change your habits one at the time. 

Browse through our website to discover all our products. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. L’Écolo accro is here to serve you. 

Mélanie Carrier  

Co-founder of L'écolo accro

In April 2019, we decided to found L'ecolo accro. We made it our mission to offer you eco-responsible products grouped in one place. A simple and easy web platform for you.


An online shop with competitive prices that will become YOUR eco-responsible reference in Quebec.


And here it is: L’ecolo accro. 


Samuel Gagné 

Co-founder of L’écolo accro

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