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Which type of ecolo addictare you?



Are you a beginner, an intermediate, an advanced of even a pro?



Ecolo addict levels:


  • beginner: does not require any change nor maintenance

  • intermediate: require slight changes and maintenance

  • advanced: require moderate changes and maintenance

  • pro: require a lot of changes and maintenance


In our online store, for each product, you will find an ecolo addictlevel. In fact, eco-friendly products can require additional maintenance or some changes in your life habits. The ecolo addictlevel corresponds to the implication involved in the integration of this product in your everyday life.


Never mind your ecolo accrolevel, your knowledge or your level of motivation are, every little change counts. To fully appreciate our products, integrate them one at the time in your everyday life.



Those levels will help you to become more eco-friendly, day after day, one level at the time!

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